The Governing Council (GC) is a steering committee for the Australia-NZ IODP Consortium, and looks after broad policy. Its 2019 membership is listed below. Professor Stephen Eggins, the Director of the Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU is responsible for the ANZIC office.

The GC holds four Governing Council Meetings per annum.

Ian Poiner – Chair/Independent Scientist

Richard Arculus – Lead CI/ANU

Leanne Armand – ANZIC Program Scientist/ ANU

Ben Clennell – CSIRO/University of Western Australia

Stuart Henrys – GNS Science

Joanna Parr – Science Committee Chair/CSIRO

Andrew Heap – Geoscience Australia

Chris Turney – UNSW

Chris Yeats – Geological Survey of NSW

Chris Elders – Curtin University

Simon George – Macquarie University

Jody Webster – University of Sydney

Robert McKay – Victoria University in Wellington