Calls for committees and panels

ANZIC and IODP Governance Roles

ANZIC rotates the roles of committee members and representatives on IODP panels (generally for 3 year periods). A number of rotations concluded in 2017 and therefore we seek new representative in 2018. These roles are varied in their time commitment and reporting responsibilities to the ANZIC Program scientist, IODP committees, the ANZIC Governing Council and Science Committee. I encourage applicants at appropriate career stages to consider stepping up to the roles on offer. Members of these groups are directly involved in the science and practicalities of the IODP program and are expected to represent ANZIC in a general sense and ocean drilling in the broad sense. Most decisions are made by consensus. It is an honour, and a great learning and networking experience to be on the committees/boards. Travel costs are covered by the ANZIC office, including economy class air tickets.


Chikyu IODP Board (CIB) Alternate ANZIC representative to suppport the ANZIC Program Scientist

JOIDES Resolution Facilities Board (JRFB) -Alternate ANZIC Representative to support the ANZIC Program Scientist

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST close the 29th October, 2018.

An Expression of Interest should include:

    • Your research interests and experience aligned with one of the four themes progressed by IODP (see ) . Feel free to identify a minor theme if that is of relevance to your background.
    • Your interest and any experience in ANZIC and IODP activities directly or indirectly (this is dependent on career-stage and opportunity).
    • Acknowledgement that committee work includes confidential assessments of applications throughout the year, work on subcommittees related to the development of scientific activities and policy of ANZIC and an ability to attend/particpate in committee meetings (teleconf. and face to face).

JOIDES Resolution Facility Board

The IODP Platform Providers have established Facility Boards to make or inform decisions on the effective use of the drilling facilities in fulfilling the objectives of the IODP Science Plan, including updates to the expedition schedule. Facility Boards generally meet annually.

The ANZIC alternate will attend meetings where the Program Scientist is unavailable but will receive JRFB documentation to keep up to date.

JRFB Membership

Chikyu IODP Board

The Chikyu IODP Board (CIB) will discuss and/or review the matters described below concerning the planning and the operations of Chikyu IODP expeditions and relevant programs, and provide suitable recommendations for JAMSTEC and other relevant parties.

  1. Annual Chikyu IODP Implementation Plans for the following Japanese fiscal year.
  2. Long-term Chikyu IODP Implementation Strategies for the following 4-5 years.
  3. Data management, core curation, publications, capacity building, outreach programs, and other related activities.
  4. The establishment of full-proposal formation workshops.
  5. Other related issues when a need arises.

The ANZIC alternate will attend meetings where the Program Scientist is unavailable but will receive CIB documentation to keep up to date.

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