Calls for committees and panels

ANZIC and IODP Governance Roles

ANZIC rotates the roles of committee members and representatives on IODP panels (generally for 3 year periods). A number of rotations concluded in 2017 and therefore we seek new representative in 2018. These roles are varied in their time commitment and reporting responsibilities to the ANZIC Program scientist, IODP committees, the ANZIC Governing Council and Science Committee. I encourage applicants at appropriate career stages to consider stepping up to the roles on offer. Members of these groups are directly involved in the science and practicalities of the IODP program and are expected to represent ANZIC in a general sense and ocean drilling in the broad sense. Most decisions are made by consensus. It is an honour, and a great learning and networking experience to be on the committees/boards. Travel costs are covered by the ANZIC office, including economy class air tickets.


ANZIC Science Committee Members, three positions.
ECORD Facilities Board, alternate ANZIC Representative.
EPSP, ANZIC Representative and alternate ANZIC Representative.
SEP, ANZIC Science Panel Representative and alternate Representative.
ANZIC Science Committee Vice Chair (from current Science Committee members).

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST close the 15th February, 2018.

The ECORD Facility Board needs an alternate member to support Leanne Armand. Information is available under This Board meets once a year in Europe, generally in March, and you are probably looking at 7 days involvement a year. We have a voice but no vote. The Board has the final say on the program for alternative or ‘mission-specific’ platforms, which are used in areas where JOIDES Resolution and Chikyu are not suitable, generally speaking in shallow or polar waters. Its general plan is to mount one two-month expedition per year. There are several expeditions in our general region under consideration at present, using the MEBO seabed drill on the Antarctic margin or off Hawaii.

The Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) needs a replacement for Tim Naish on the scientific assessment side and an alternate to support the primary representative. This panel is the primary scientific advisory group within IODP, and has great influence. It assesses all IODP drilling proposals, making use of independent assessments, and ranks all those which are of very high quality for potential drilling. Final drilling decisions are made by the Facility Boards, but SEP recommendations are critical in these decisions. SEP meets twice a year in the US, but there is much email discussion when proposals come in. You are probably looking at 15-18 days involvement per year. Being a member is a very broadening experience.

The ANZIC Science Committee is made up of researchers working in ANZIC  Member Institutions, representing the four IODP research themes.

The Committee’s primary role is as the review and advisory body for all ANZIC science activities.  These activities include:

  • evaluation and nomination of applicants for shipboard roles,
  • evaluation of applications for ANZIC research funding,
  • support for proposal development,
  • organisation of topical workshops and outreach projects,
  • assess applications for IODP panel representatives.

Several of these tasks are largely conducted online, however Committee members will hold a teleconference (6 April, 2017) and a face-to-face meeting (19 October, 2017, in Adelaide following AGCC) to discuss policy directions and develop Committee projects.

ANZIC is seeking three new Science Committee members in 2018.  Expressions of interest are invited from researchers at any career stage in member institutions.