EXP 383 DYNAPACC -Special Call

Special Call for Applications.
Micropalaeontology – Radiolarian Specialist (preferred) or Diatom Specialist (alternative preference).

Plio-Pleistocene Dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Expedition 383

Dates:  20 May to 20 July 2019.

Expedition information can be found at: http://iodp.tamu.edu/scienceops/expeditions/dynamics_of_pacific_ACC.html

Applications from the ANZIC community must be forwarded to Leanne Armand (Anzic.programscientist@anu.edu.au) and ANZIC Science Committee Chair, Mike Coffin (mike.coffin@utas.edu.au) using the Application to sail submission form located at: https://iodp.org.au/for-scientists/application-to-sail/

Due Date for Special Call: 27th July 2018.