MARGO Proposal Development Funding


Call for Writing Workshop Applications With the winding up of the Marine Geoscience Office (MARGO) to support Australian development of IODP, the ANZIC Office will administer the remaining MARGO funds to ensure pre-proposal development is progressed to submission from the highly successful Australasian IODP Regional Planning workshop held in Sydney in 2017.
A total of $9000 is available to support between 2-3 small writing workshops hosted by Australian ANZIC researchers. The aim of the support is to facilitate and/or leverage additional institutional support to hold a proposal writing workshop with the aim of submitting a pre-proposal by the next IODP deadline, April 1st 2019.

MARGO Pre-Proposal Writing Workshop-Call for Applicants

Workshop Application September 2018

CLOSING DATE: September 10 (12 noon) 2018