Application to Sail

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Applicants should apply to their own country representatives if they desire to participate as part of the science party on expeditions. For New Zealand scientists the contact is Stuart Henrys at GNS Science in Wellington ( and, phone +64 4 570 4812; web

If you are an Australian scientist interested in applying to join drilling expeditions, you should apply to Leanne Armand, at (phone 02 6125 6713) using the standard Application to Sail , for which a Participation Plan & Budget and a targeted CV are needed. The Australian IODP office will pay all the travel costs of Australian participants, but cannot pay salary costs. All potential participants must be able to assure the Science Committee that they can take full advantage of their participation by being able to support a substantial science effort of analysis and paper writing after the expedition. This means that they need to show that they will be in a paid science position, and have access to the necessary analytical facilities, for up to two years after the expedition.