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Undergraduate Opportunities:


Wellington to Dunedin (1-11 December, 2016)
Coordinators: Giuseppe Cortese (GNS Science) and Gary Wilson (Otago)

ANZIC is pleased to announce a Marine Geoscience Masterclass in New Zealand, hosted by GNS
Science (Lower Hutt) and Otago University (Dunedin), with contributions from Victoria University and

Program: A general introduction to IODP with talks by several Lead Proponents of forthcoming IODP expeditions will kick off the course, followed by a two-and-a-half day geological field trip through eastern Marlborough and North Canterbury.
Students will then attend laboratory sessions and lectures at the University of Otago, covering the application of paleomagnetism and physical properties to sediment cores. The main practical activity will be represented by four full days in the Doubtful Sound fiord. Two teams of ten students will spend a day and a half aboard the RV Polaris II learning how to acquire acoustic data and surveying an area of seafloor, using multibeam echo-sounder, sub-bottomprofiler, sidescan sonar, plankton and sediment sampling techniques, and produce a survey report. Acourse on estuarine circulation in fjords, making use of the data acquired from Polaris,will round up the activities.


Masterclass Flyer 2016


Educational resources, for primary to university:

Jump Aboard the JOIDES Resolution

Four times a year IODP Research vessel JOIDES Resolution sails to collect cores from beneath  the ocean floor to study the history and dynamics of Planet Earth.

Book a Skype session with education officers and scientists aboard the JR.