Funding Opportunities


Call for Writing Workshop Applications With the winding up of the Marine Geoscience Office (MARGO) to support Australian development of IODP, the ANZIC Office will administer the remaining MARGO funds to ensure pre-proposal development is progressed to submission from the highly successful Australasian IODP Regional Planning workshop held in Sydney in 2017.
A total of $9000 is available to support between 2-3 small writing workshops hosted by Australian ANZIC researchers. The aim of the support is to facilitate and/or leverage additional institutional support to hold a proposal writing workshop with the aim of submitting a pre-proposal by the next IODP deadline, April 1st 2019.

MARGO Pre-Proposal Writing Workshop-Call for Applicants


CLOSING DATE: September 10 (12 noon) 2018 


Post-Cruise Funding for analytical work for IODP Science Party participants

At this stage our ARC/LIEF partners provide some funding of operational costs for immediate post-cruise data analysis for Australian university IODP participants. We hope that this will continue in 2016 and beyond, as we await new ARC/LIEF funding. This arrangement acknowledges the difficulty for such scientists to get adequate initial post-cruise science funding to reap the full benefits of participation in the IODP, because there is only a one-year moratorium on expedition data.

In general, this additional funding is not designed to be used for researchers’ salaries or on-costs. If some contribution for this purpose is considered absolutely essential a case can be made. At present, Australian ANZIC IODP expedition participants are encouraged to apply to the Program Scientist at the Australian IODP Office for funding of up to $40,000 for immediate post-cruise activities that cannot be funded in any other way, but only once they have their samples in hand.

Applications will only be considered if submitted within three months of material being available through the IODP system (aboard ship or at post-cruise sampling party).

Successful applicants should acknowledge funding from the Australian IODP Office in their publications. The application (3 pages maximum, 12 point font) should have the following general format:

  1. Title research proposal for funding
  2. Related IODP leg number and title
  3. Participant’s name, contact details and role on drilling leg
  4. Brief description of project
  5. Shipboard, or Bremen post-cruise, sampling and research plan (including table with timings)
  6. Post-cruise publication intentions (if agreed aboard ship or in Bremen)
  7. Costing for this work tabulated
  8. Justification for post-cruise analytical work
  9. Justification for any other costs
  10. Why the funding cannot be obtained elsewhere

Short progress reports (1 page) are required 6 months and one year after funding commences.  A final report (3 pages) that summarises research findings, and includes a publication list (published, in press, submitted or planned), is required within 2 years after funding commences. Pro-formas for these reports are available from

The application will be reviewed by the Program Scientist and several other Australian members of the ANZIC Science Committee, and applicants will be informed of the results promptly. Funds can be provided quickly once a suitable agreement is signed by both parties. Please send your application to Leanne Armand, ( ) and Science Committee Chair, Mike Coffin. ( )

New Zealand-based researchers should contact for information about applying for such funding.

**Please note that if you require post-cruise travel funding of any kind you should apply well prior to travelling, through the Australian IODP Office. Email