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IODP EXPEDITION 383: DYNAMICS OF PACIFIC ANTARCTIC CIRCUMPOLAR CURRENT (DYNAPACC) Dates: 20 May to 20 July 2019 Ports: Punta Arenas to Valparaiso, Chile Co-chief Scientists: Frank Lamy and Gisela Winckler Opportunities exist for researchers (including graduate students) in all shipboard specialties—including but not limited to sedimentologists, micropaleontologists, paleomagnetists, inorganic/organic geochemists, petrologists, petrophysicists, microbiologists, and borehole geophysicists. Read more… Read More »

Calls for committees and panels

ANZIC and IODP Governance Roles ANZIC rotates the roles of committee members and representatives on IODP panels (generally for 3 year periods). A number of rotations concluded in 2017 and therefore we seek new representative in 2018. These roles are varied in their time commitment and reporting responsibilities to the ANZIC Program scientist, IODP committees, […]… Read More »

FINAL REPORT Australasian IODP Regional Planning Workshop

The Final Report from the Australasian IODP Regional Planning Workshop in Sydney is now complete.  We would like to thank the workshop convenors and participants for their contributions, especially Rob McKay who has taken the lead in compiling this report. The workshop was universally regarded by the 100 participants as very timely and worthwhile, and […]… Read More »

Ancient DNA Workshop, Macquarie University

From the 9th-11th of October 2017, Dr Linda Armbrecht, and ANZIC Program Scientist, A/Prof Leanne Armand   co-convened an important workshop titled “Assessing the potential of ancient DNA in marine sediments” at Macquarie Univerity. In her presentation Leanne described the ‘unprecedented opportunity for ‘biosphere frontier’ projects to participate in the IODP program, including upcoming voyages and […]… Read More »

ANZIC Bulletin 20 September, 2017

In this issue: Visit the JR in Hobart News from the Office Read more… Read More »

ANZIC BUlletin 3 August 2017

ANZIC welcomes a new Program Scientist, Assoc. Prof Leanne Armand. Expedition 371 launched Read here… Read More »

ANZIC Bulletin, 29 June 2017

LAST CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Exp 377 Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography New expeditions for 2019-20 Workshop wrap  up Read more… Read More »

Australasian IODP Workshop, Consensus Statement

Following community discussions at the Australasian IODP Workshop, it was agreed that a consensus statement relating to the importance of site survey data and especially the availability of high quality seismic reflection profiles should be developed.  The statement, below details the critical importance of this material in continued productivity and safety of sub-seafloor research. This statement […]… Read More »

ANZIC Bulletin, 31 May 2017

In this issue: News from the Office Science Meets Parliament report Read more  … Read More »

ANZIC Bulletin 13 Apr 2017

In this issue: ANZIC invites application for the position of Program Scientist News from the office University of Sydney Postdoctoral opportunity Read here  … Read More »