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Call to sail!

ANZIC on behalf of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is now accepting applications for the following expeditions:  Expedition 387: Amazon Margin  26 April  – 26 June 26, 2020. Apply by 1 March, 2019.  Expedition 388: Equatorial Atlantic Gateway 26 June – 26 August, 2020. Apply by 1 May, 2019. Opportunities exist for researchers (including PHD students) in […]… Read More »

Save the Date: 14th – 16th April 2019, OCEAN PLANET – Strategic planning workshop for the new IODP plan 2024 – 2034

14th – 16th April 2019, the Australian & New Zealand IODP Consortium (ANZIC) will be hosting OCEAN PLANET – Developing the new International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Strategic Plan 2024 – 2034, in Canberra, ACT. Please join us at the ANU in 2019 to plan and develop ANZIC’s contribution to IODP’s strategic plan beyond 2023. Further details will be posted through the ANZIC Bulletin. SUBSCRIBE HERE… Read More »

ANZIC Bulletin 4th October

In This Issue: Apply to sail on Exp. 389 Hawaiian Drowned Reefs EOIs for Alternates on JRFB and CIB are invited Host the ANZIC Masterclass in 2019-20 News from the ANZIC Office ANZIC Legacy funding announced MARGO Workshop funding announced News from the JR Read Here… Read More »

Call for Scientists- Exp 389 Hawaiian Drowned Reefs

 CALL FOR SCIENTISTS IODP Expedition 389: Hawaiian Drowned Reefs An IODP Mission Specific Platform Expedition organised by the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) ANZIC Deadline: December 3 2018 Applications are invited from scientists in countries participating in IODP to join the Science Party for IODP Expedition 389: Hawaiian Drowned Reefs. Any scientist from an IODP member […]… Read More »

Funding for New Caledonia Workshop

ANZIC Travel Support for Participants in the New Caledonia Peridotite Amphibious Drilling Workshop . Due to the high interest and relevance to ANZIC community, the ANZIC Governing Council has made available 4 x$1500 travel support grants to participate at this pre-proposal development meeting. ANZIC institutional members can apply for support of which two of the […]… Read More »

MARGO Proposal Development Funding

ANZIC-IODP PRE-PROPOSAL WRITING WORKSHOP  CALL  Call for Writing Workshop Applications With the winding up of the Marine Geoscience Office (MARGO) to support Australian development of IODP, the ANZIC Office will administer the remaining MARGO funds to ensure pre-proposal development is progressed to submission from the highly successful Australasian IODP Regional Planning workshop held in Sydney […]… Read More »

Host the ANZIC Masterclass in 2019

Proposal deadline: 19th October 2018 ANZIC invites proposals from member institutions to host the ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass in 2019 and 2020, with the option of 2021, subject to funding. The ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass was first offered in 2013 with the intention of introducing high achieving students to the specialist techniques and unique opportunities […]… Read More »

Call for Science Committee Members

The ANZIC Science Committee is seeking three new members to replace those rotating off. The committee is made up of researchers working in ANZIC  Member Institutions, representing the four IODP research themes. The Committee’s primary role is as the review and advisory body for all ANZIC science activities.  These activities include: evaluation and nomination of […]… Read More »

EXP 385-Guaymas Basin Special Call

Expedition 385 -Guaymas Basin  SPECIAL CALL for DIATOM OR NANNOFOSSIL BIOSTRATIGRAPHY Application deadline for Special Call: 28th August 2018 The Co-Chief Scientists and Expedition Project Manager/Staff Scientist are offering a special call to ANZIC researchers with expertise in diatom or nannofossil biostratigraphy. Expedition 385 will be at sea for two months between September and November 2019. The team […]… Read More »

EXP 383 DYNAPACC -Special Call

Special Call for Applications. Micropalaeontology – Radiolarian Specialist (preferred) or Diatom Specialist (alternative preference). Plio-Pleistocene Dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current Expedition 383 Dates:  20 May to 20 July 2019. Expedition information can be found at: Applications from the ANZIC community must be forwarded to Leanne Armand ( and ANZIC Science Committee Chair, Mike Coffin […]… Read More »