ANZIC has been successful in our ARC LIEF funding request to enable ANZIC to continue for a further 18 months. During this period we will be aiming for subsequent NCRIS funding to drive ANZIC into the future.

The funding news was announced on the 23rd December. The grant is headed by Prof. Eelco Rohling from the ANU. Eelco will be the new lead of the program, replacing Prof. Richard Arculus who stepped down at the end of the previous LIEF grant, that was completed December 2020.

ANZIC is looking forward to planning exciting projects for the next couple of years and cheers to a prosperous 2021!

Introducing our new ANZIC JRFB SEP representatives

Late 2020 we put a call out for new representatives to represent ANZIC on the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board’s (JRFB) Science Evaluation Panel (SEP). We would like to introduce and congratulate the following successful applicants and thank all those who applied.

SEP Science panel

Primary representative: Mark Kendrick (University of Queensland – Aust.)

Alternate: Fabio Caratori Tontini (GNS-NZ)

SEP Sites panel

Primary representative: Jess Hillman (GNS-NZ)

Alternate: Wanda Stratford (GNS-NZ)