Are you our new Science Committee Vice-Chair?

ANZIC is looking for a Vice-Chair for the Science Committee in 2024.

Could it be you?

The role

  • The Vice-Chair must lead by example, acknowledging and abiding by their institutional Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics guidelines, policies, procedures, or equivalents, and the IODP Code of Conduct, in all matters related to acting in this role.
  • Assist the Chair in fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of the Science Chair and Committee, including communication with members of the Science Committee.
  • Commitment to attending ANZIC Science Committee Meetings (four per year – three Zoom and one face-to-face)

For more information about the Science Committee and its role, please see the ANZIC Charter.


To be eligible you will have current or past experience serving on the ANZIC Science Committee, ANZIC Governing Council or equivalent experience serving on a relevant board.


Nominally three years: one year as Vice-Chair, moving into one year as Chair and then one year as emeritus chair.


The ANZIC Office provides travel and accommodation support for attendance at one face-to-face Committee meeting each year. In the event the Vice-Chair assumes the commitments of the Chair, the Chair’s Honorarium will be re-directed to the Vice-Chair.

"It's been wonderful to work with an inspiring team of leaders -  from all career levels and backgrounds - with a shared passion for positively shaping the future of scientific drilling."

"The SC Chair was a fantastic experience on many levels and I encourage EMCRs to apply." 

Dr Agathe Lisé-Pronovost
University of Melbourne

How to apply

A selection committee consisting of the current Science Committee Chair, ANZIC Program Manager, and members representing the ANZIC Governing Council and Science Committee will assess applications. A recommendation will be sent for approval to the ANZIC Governing Council for consideration and approval.

Your application should include:

  • statement of your interest in the role (max ½ page)
  • statement on your current scientific research interests (max ½ page)
  • two-page curriculum vitae,  including:
    1. Academic/ Professional Qualifications
    2. Employment History
    3. Selected recent publications or relevant Government/Industry reports or outputs
    4. Recent Synergistic Activities (e.g. service, committee, reviewer)
    5. Relevant Field experience (last 5 years)

Closing date

Applications will close on 8 December 2023. Submit applications to Kelly Kenney, ANZIC Administrator.


Please send questions and comments to Sarah Kachovich, ANZIC Program Manager.