ANZIC Governing Council

The Governing Council is a steering committee for the Australia-NZ IODP Consortium (ANZIC), and looks after broad policy. It provides scientific and financial oversight of Australian activities including those of the Australian IODP Office (AIO) and the Science Committee, in conjunction with the ANU Delegate (Director, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University), because ANU handles the consortium funds and hosts the AIO.

ANZIC Governing Council 2021

ANZIC Science Committee

The ANZIC Science Committee encourages and assists the development of science proposals, organizes topical workshops, evaluates cruise applications, funding applications and candidates for IODP panel membership.

Members of the Science Committee represent expertise within the four IODP Research Themes

  • Climate and Ocean Change: Reading the Past, Informing the Future
  • Biosphere Frontiers: Deep Life and Environmental Forcing of Evolution
  • Earth Connections: Deep Processes and Their Impact on Surface Environment
  • Earth in Motion: Processes and Hazards on Human Time Scales

ANZIC Science Committee 2021