ANZIC will host a session titled ‘The science behind the next phase of the International Ocean Discovery Program‘ at the Australian Earth Sciences Convention, taking place in Perth in June 2023.

The International Ocean Discovery Program is a research collaboration that addresses fundamental questions about the interconnected processes that characterise the complex Earth system and shape our planet’s future. We invite submissions on the broad Earth science research being done with scientific ocean drilling material.

This session is highly interdisciplinary and welcomes presentations focused both on past accomplishments as well as those that form the foundation of scientific ocean drilling through to 2050: ground truthing future climate change; probing the deep Earth; assessing earthquake and tsunami hazards; diagnosing ocean health; exploring life and its origins. We encourage submissions that bring together partnerships and collaborations with organisations that have complementary goals to the future of scientific ocean drilling, including continental drilling, technology development, and big data analytics.

The session will take place in the Surface Processes theme and be chaired by Dr Sarah Kachovich (ANZIC/Australian National University) and Dr Agathe Lise-Pronovost (University of Melbourne).

THE CALL FOR ABSTRACTS IS NOW OPEN. Submissions close 1 March 2023.