Travel/Childcare Subsidy


ANZIC Forum Travel Subsidy provides limited support to Early Career Researcher (ECR) and Mid-Career Researcher (MCR) to attend the ANZIC Forum 2022, The Shine Dome, Canberra. Assistance to attend the ANZIC Forum is provided through the ANZIC Office to support the costs of attending the ANZIC Forum in person.


ANZIC will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  • Your institution is an ANZIC Member
  • Your institution supports your attendance to the ANZIC Forum
  • You are and ECR/MCR*.
  • Ability to provide valid tax invoice, receipts and documentation for all travel related expenses outlined in this subsidy.
  • Must attend the ANZIC Forum for the full two days and are able apply to the COVID-19 requirements as outlined by The Shine Dome.

*Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are typically beginning or emerging researchers not yet five years out of award of a doctoral or other research postgraduate qualification. A Mid-Career Researcher is defined as a researcher with postgraduate research experience with the equivalent of five (5) to fifteen (15) cumulative years, allowing for professional or personal career interruptions.

Travel subsidy are limited and not guaranteed. It is expected that you attending the ANZIC Forum and will need to include your receipts, itinerary and or invoices to be able to claim for reimbursement.

Travel Insurance & COVID-19

Your travel will need your institution to support your attendance and travel insurance. ANZIC takes no responsibility for any disruptions in travel due to reasons related to COVID-19 restrictions or cancellations.

Conditions of Entry – The Shine Dome

The Australian Academy of Science is committed to keeping those vulnerable in our community safe, and requires all attendees meeting at The Shine Dome to be fully vaccinated and to confirm vaccination status prior to entry to the building. All attendees must check in using the Check in CBR app, use provided hand sanitiser, maintain good hand hygiene, keep their distance and if unwell must stay ‘home’ and get tested.

Reimbursement Guidelines

AreaSubsidy capped up to (return) A$
Regional Areas$500
New ZealandContact
Additional SubsidySubsidy capped up to (return) A$
Childcare$200 per family /per day
Car Hire$300


Domestic Flights/Australia: ANZIC will reimburse for the most direct and economical mode of travel available.  ANZIC will not reimburse for additional costs incurred by taking indirect routes or making stop overs for personal/work related reasons.

International/NZ Flights: If you are New Zealand member please contact Stuart Henrys –

By Road/Train:

Reimbursement of car rental, bus, train, fuel and parking fees will only be reimbursed within the capped subsidy and with sufficient supporting documentation (e.g.: receipts, parking voucher and invoice). If using your own vehicle to attend the ANZIC Forum, reimbursement by way of fuel and parking expenses will be acceptable.


ANZIC will reimbursement  for an economical mode of transfer from the airport to your accommodation (return). This will be capped up to $60 (return). Mode of transport acceptable: Uber, Taxi or Bus.

Childcare Subsidy:

ANZIC forum will reimburse for childcare expenses up to A$100 per day /per child (capped at A$200 per day family) for professional childcare provider or alternatively for a family member to look after a child/ children at the researchers home while the researcher is attending the Forum.  This subsidy is not a substitute for existing childcare costs and will be assessed on reasonableness of the claim for support.  Please contact your ANZIC Office directly should you wish to claim for this subsidy prior to attending the event.

What we won’t pay for:

  • Any meals and beverages, other than those provided at the ANZIC Forum (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • Cancellation fees or charges including parking, traffic fines and penalties.
  • All COVID 19 related incidents (e.g. quarantine, medical expenses , border restrictions  and additional accommodation)
  • Unauthorised Expenses

How to apply

  1. Register to attend the ANZIC Forum 2022 and indicate that you will be applying for the travel subsidy (make sure your eligible).
  2. Complete the online travel subsidy application form: Submit form by 5pm, Friday April 1, 2022.

ANZIC will notify the applicant the outcome of their application by email Friday April 8, 2022.

How will ANZIC reimburse me?

The ANZIC Office will reimburse you directly to your nominated account. You will find the reimbursement pack on our website:

This will contain:

  • Reimbursement Form
  • Guidelines on acceptable supporting evidence
  • Details on how to claim  

ANZIC will require the reimbursement form and supporting evidence within two weeks after the ANZIC Forum.

No payments will be made after May 13, 2022.

Contact Kelly Kenney should you have any questions or require clarification at