Role background and work of the IODP EPSP

The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP) is an advisory body of the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board (JRFB) which is composed of volunteer domain experts from IODP member countries. The EPSP primarily carries out a site-by-site review of proposed or scheduled IODP expeditions from the point of view of safety and environmental protection. The ECORD Facility Board and Chikyu IODP Board (non-riser projects only) also use EPSP as an advisory body.

The EPSP’s work is organized by its panel Chair, working closely with the platform Science Operators and the Facility Board Chairs. The date of the EPSP’s annual meeting is determined by the scheduling needs of the platforms.

Expedition proposal proponents are notified in advance by the IODP Science Support Office if their proposal is scheduled for EPSP review. Proponents are required to prepare and submit a Safety Review Report two months before the meeting. EPSP protocol requests that one proponent representative (usually the data lead) attend the meeting to give a presentation based on their report and interact with the panel. EPSP review often requires modification to the drilling plan (for example, relocation of sites) and submission of new Site Forms via a proposal Addendum.

Responsibilities of the ANZIC EPSP representative

The ANZIC representative’s role on the EPSP panel is of high importance within the IODP and is expected to deliver benefits to the ANZIC community not only through actively representing ANZIC, but also by providing advice to the ANZIC community who intend to or are developing proposal submissions to IODP.

The ANZIC Governing Council and ANZIC Office require a brief post-meeting report of your activities, highlighting issues of relevance to ANZIC or that may be of general advice to the ANZIC community.

Desired ANZIC representative expertise and contributions to EPSP

The ANZIC representative must have expertise relevant to the work of the EPSP and be willing to openly express their views to the EPSP. Preference may be given to individuals who have expertise in shallow hazards, hydrates, and geophysical interpretation.  

ANZIC support provided for the EPSP representative

The ANZIC Office will support your success in the role by providing appropriate resources and insights to the work of ANZIC and more broadly the IODP, including connecting you with relevant experts in the international scientific ocean drilling network should you require help with a task. ANZIC also covers the cost of economy airfares (organised through ANZIC’s ANU travel consultant), accommodation at the EPSP nominated lodging (includes meals/wi-fi), local transfers between the airport and your residence, and meals during transit. Any additional costs are at your institution’s or your own expense.

Submission of Expressions of Interest

ANZIC community members interested in serving on EPSP should submit an expression of interest to the ANZIC Office by COB (AEDT) November 15, 2021.

Your EOI should comprise a letter that states (1) your reasons for interest in serving ANZIC on the EPSP and (2) the expertise and experience you would bring to the position, and be accompanied by a brief (2-3 page) supporting CV that summarizes and documents key achievements, attributes and relevant expertise to the role of ANZIC representative on EPSP.