Expedition 390: South Atlantic Transect 1 (7 April to 7 June 2022)
Expedition 393: South Atlantic Transect 2 (7 June to 7 August 2022)

General expedition information: http://iodp.tamu.edu/scienceops/expeditions/south_atlantic_transect.html
Scientific Prospectus link: http://publications.iodp.org/scientific_prospectus/390_393/

More information: https://bit.ly/3aNmuzD

Deadline for scientists to apply: ~31 May 2021
Who should apply: opportunities exist for researchers (including graduate students) in (1) petrology and nannofossil micropaleontology for Expedition 390, and (2) all shipboard specialties for Expedition 393, including sedimentologists, petrologists, micropaleontologists, paleomagnetists, petrophysicists, borehole geophysicists, inorganic and organic geochemists, and microbiologists. For shipboard lab information, see https://wiki.iodp.tamu.edu/.