ANZIC calls for its New Zealand members who wish to apply for IODP/ICDP Legacy Analytical Funding (AILAF) in 2022-2023. Grants up to $25,000 will be available to researchers from ANZIC’s New Zealand Member institutions to support study of previously collected DSDP/ODP/IODP/ICDP samples and/or data and the rapid delivery of research outputs (for example, publications and data products).

The AILAF program also includes funding of projects designed to exploit the wealth of data and data products generated through 50+ years of ocean and continental drilling by data analysts/mathematicians/visual data scientists/molecular and genetic analysts who may not traditionally work in or with the geosciences. These projects will need to provide a clear scientific aim that uses or translates existing datasets into new knowledge, publications and/or new products that adhere to FAIR data principles (https:// www.ands.org.au/working-with-data/fairdata). It would be an advantage if the proposed work contributes to the advance of current IODP or ICDP proposals in the Australian, New Zealand and Southern Ocean regions.

Requests may include funding for:
● access to or application of specialist data science or machine learning expertise to scientific drilling datasets
● research assistant/technician support to digitise, collate and/or format scientific drilling data as key step toward addressing wider or critical scientific questions.
● software licenses critical to project success, such as imaging or data processing software (critical nature to be clearly justified).
● access to supercomputing on national facilities or through web-based services (e.g. climate or geodynamic models that are used to ground-truth scientific drilling data, biological models, genetic and/or other data processing).
● open-source software, model and/or program development that leads to better access to scientific drilling data for researchers (e.g., R-script/package development to automate certain analyses).
● training courses that help researchers understand how to better access and interrogate scientific drilling data.

IODP data is available through a range of portals including:
● IODP website: http://www.iodp.org/resources/access-data-and-samples
● Site survey data bank: http://ssdb.iodp.org/
● Scientific Earth Drilling Information Service (SEDIS): http://sedis.iodp.org/
● JR data: http://web.iodp.tamu.edu/OVERVIEW/
● Expedition data on Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/communities/iodp/?page=1&size=20
● IODP-BCR Data Portal: http://iodp.pangaea.de/
● Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network: https://www.odsn.org/odsn/index.html
● iCORDS: https://www.icordsgeo.org/
● Neptune Sandbox Berlin: http://www.nsb-mfn-berlin.de/
● Open Core Data – discovery tool for basic core data: http://opencoredata.org/
● Magnetics Information Consortium (paleomagnetics and rock magnetics:
● EarthChem Portal – geochemistry data: http://www.earthchem.org/portal
● ISGN – a sample registry including core samples: https://www.igsn.org/

ICDP data is available through:

● https://www.icdp-online.org/support/service/data-and-sample-management/?type=12&tx_icdpdatatables_pi1%5Bajaxcall%5D=1

● ICDP Repositories: https://www.icdp-online.org/index.php?type=165&id=38

How to apply for AILAF:
Please note the following AILAF grant milestones and reporting requirements 2022-23 AILAF grants must be completed by 30th June 2023. CIs are required to submit a short progress report (1 page) 6 months after executing an AILAF grant agreement, and to submit a final report by June 2023 that summarises research findings, and includes a publication list (published, in press, submitted or planned) and a financial acquittal. Pro-formas for these reports are sent to participants via the Smarty Grant Platform.

All submitted applications for AILAF funding will be reviewed the ANZIC Science Committee.  Applicants will need to be registered through the Smarty Grants program for consideration.

This 2022 round of AILAF is only open to New Zealand ANZIC members.

Access Data and Samples
IODP Sample, Data, and obligations Policy and Implementation, available from http://www.iodp.org/resources/access-data-and-samples

ICDP Data and Sample Management: https://www.icdp-online.org/support/service/data-and-sample-management/?type=12&tx_icdpdatatables_pi1%5Bajaxcall%5D=1

AILAF 2022 Round opens: 24th June 2022 at 9:00am (AEST)

Applications close on: 22nd July 2022 at 5:00pm (AEST) 29th July 2022 at 5:00pm (AEST)

AILAF Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions are outlined in the AILAF agreement*

SAMPLE AILAF Agreement Form.pdf

*The above sample agreement contains a list of standard terms and conditions frequently included in our project support grant agreements. This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change when finalising agreements with institutions. This sample is provided for informational purposes only.

ANZIC IODP/ICDP Legacy Analytical Funding (AILAF) Forms