Acronym Organization
Acronym Organization
ACEX Arctic Coring Expedition (IODP)
AESTO Advanced Earth Science and Technology Organization (Japan)
AIO Australian IODP Office (ANU)
ANU Australian National University
ANZIC Australia-NZ IODP Consortium
APC Advanced Piston Core
APCT APC Temperature Tool
APP Annual Program Plan (IODP)
ARC Australian Research Council
BCR Bremen Core Repository (IODP)
BGS British Geological Survey
BHA Bottom Hole Assembly
CB-RMM Core barrel – retrievable memory module
CDEX Center for Deep Earth Exploration (Japan)
CDP Complex Drilling Projects
Chikyu Japanese IODP drilling vessel
CMCR Center for Advanced Marine Core Research (Kochi University)
CMO Central Management Office (IODP)
CNRS Centre National de la Research Scientific (France)
CORK Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
DIS ICDP Drilling Information System
DP Dynamic Positioning
DPG Detailed Planning Group (IODP)
DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
DSS Drilling Sensor Sub
DVTP Davis-Villinger Temperature Probe
EC European Commission
ECORD European Consortium for Ocean Drilling Research
ECORD-net E.C. Research Area Network
EDP Engineering Development Panel (IODP)
EMA ECORD Management Agency
EOR Expedition Objective Research
EPC European Petrophysics Consortium
EPSP Environmental Protection & Safety Panel (IODP)
ESO ECORD Science Operator
ESSAC ECORD Science Support and Advisory Committee
ESSEP Environmental Science Steering and Evaluation Panel (IODP)
ETF Engineering Task Force (IODP)
FMS Formation Micro Scanner
FY Fiscal Year
GCR Gulf Coast Repository (IODP)
GNS Geological and Nuclear Sciences (NZ)
ICDP International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
IFREE Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution
 IIS-PPG Industry-IODP Science Program Planning Group
ILP Industry Liaison Panel (IODP)
IO(s) Implementing Organization(s) (IODP)
IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IODP-MI Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.
ION International Ocean Network
iSAS Interim Science Advisory Structure (IODP)
ISC Information Service Center (IODP)
ISP Initial Science Plan (IODP)
ISSEP Interior Science Steering and Evaluation Panel
JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
JANUS USIO Database System
J-CORES Japanese Database System
J-DESC Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium
JOI Joint Oceanographic Institutions (US)
JOIDES Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling
JOIDES Resolution US IODP drilling vessel
JPIO Japan Implementing Organization
KCC Kochi Core Center Repository (Japan)
KIGAM Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
LDEO Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
LGHF Laboratoire de Geophsique et Hydrodynamique en Forage
LGM Last Glacial Maximum
LTBMS Long-Term Borehole Monitoring System
LWC Logging while Coring
LWD Logging while Drilling
MAT Mid-Atlantic Transect
mbsf meters below sea floor
MCS Multi Channel Seismic
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (Japan)
MOST Ministry of Science and Technology (People’s Rep. of China)
MSP Mission Specific Platform (IODP)
NanTroSEIZE Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment
NERC Natural Environment Research Council (UK)
NSF National Science Foundation (USA)
OCC Oceanic Core Complex
OCE Division of Ocean Sciences, NSF
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
OOI Ocean Observing Initiative
OPCOM Operations Committee (now Operations Task Force – IODP)
ORI Ocean Research Institute (Japan)
ORION Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Networks
OTF Operations Task Force (IODP)
PCS Pressure Core Sampler
PI Primary Investigator
PMO Program Member Offices (IODP)
PMT Project Management Team (IODP)
POC Platform Operations Costs (IODP)
PSDIM Publications, Sample and Data Integration manager (IODP)
PSG Project Scoping Group (IODP)
PTM Pulsed Telemetry Module
QAQC Quality Assurance Quality Control
RCB Rotary Core Barrel
RFP Request for Proposal (IODP)
RIS Rig Instrumentation System
RMM Retrievable Memory Module
RSES Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University
SAS Science Advisory Structure (IODP)
SAS Science Advisory Structure (IODP)
SASEC Science Advisory Executive Committee (IODP)
SciMP Scientific Measurements Panel (in ODP)
SEDIS Scientific Earth Drilling Information System
SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SIT Systems Integrated Training
SMCS Sample Materials Curation Management System (IODP)
SOC Science Operating Costs (IODP)
SODV Scientific Ocean Drilling Vessel (IODP)
SPC Science Planning Committee (IODP)
SPPOC Science Planning and Policy Oversight Committee (IODP- operated until April, 2006)
SRMs Standard Reference Materials
SSDB Site Survey Data Bank (IODP)
SSEP Science Steering and Evaluation Panel (IODP)
SSP Site Survey Panel (IODP)
STP Scientific Technology Panel (IODP)
TAMU Texas A&M University
TAP Technology Advice Panel (IODP)
UBI Ultra Borehole Imager
USAC U.S. Advisory Committee for Scientific Ocean Drilling
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USIO United States Implementing Organization (IODP)
USSAC United States Science Advisory Committee (IODP)
USSSP U.S. Science Support Program (IODP)
VSP Vertical Seismic Profile
WST Well Seismic Tool
XCB Extended Core Barrel