Proposal deadline: 17 February 2023

ANZIC invites proposals from member institutions to host the ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass in 2023 and 2024.


The ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass aims to introduce high achieving undergraduate students to specialist techniques and unique opportunities to prepare them for future participation in scientific ocean drilling expeditions run under the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). Hosting an ANZIC Masterclass is a great opportunity to share knowledge from and expertise in IODP. Up to 20 students are selected by member institutions to attend the annual ANZIC Masterclass.

How will ANZIC support you?

  • Provide funding of up to AUD~$65k per year to host the ANZIC Masterclass
  • Arrange all marketing materials, including a welcome pack, posters and a unique ANZIC Masterclass logo. 
  • Assist with travel arrangements for participants and provide ongoing support.

Proposal submission

Proposal submissions should include the following:

  • Host details – which institution/s are involved in the proposal, indicating the lead proponent. 
  • Proposed dates and schedule for the Masterclass 
  • Venue for events and accommodation
  • Outline of proposed field trips, site visits and logistics
  • List of Masterclass co-ordinators
  • List of staff and teaching support


Developing a budget is an important task in planning and managing the ANZIC Masterclass. The budget should include income and expenditure with realistic figures. 

A budget template is provided as an attachment to this Call.  


Host co-ordinators will be expected adhere to the following guiding principles for the ANZIC Masterclass event:

  1. ANZIC Masterclass convenors will need to be committed to providing a safe, productive environment that supports an open exchange of ideas, that provides equal opportunities for everyone to learn and thrive, and that promotes an environment that is free of bias, discrimination, and harassment. Teaching flexibility will be essential to target a varied knowledge base of experienced students. 
  2. The host institution will develop a risk management plan and will include the appropriate risk actions to treat the identified risk and incident reporting measures for the event.
  3. It is anticipated that the host will conduct an end of course student survey to evaluate the benefits and provide meaningful feedback. 
  4. Food should be a part of your budget and we encourage the convenor to provide a variety of healthy and nutritious food: 
  5. consider offering food sourced locally or using local suppliers;
  6. ensure there is plenty of fruit and vegetable options available; and
  7. offer a variety of cuisines to suit a range of dietary requirements and cultures.
  8. Fieldtrips/site visits/workshops should be carefully planned and cover a range of educational material during which students become familiar with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), scientific drilling in general and Earth science more broadly through interactions with IODP scientists. Practical hands-on activities are encouraged and can include, but are not limited to, logging exercises, exposure to IODP cores , grab samples, examining sedimentary rocks, volcanic succession, smear slides, virtual drill ship tours and guided tours of research labs.
  9. A diverse selection of speakers should be included in the ANZIC Masterclass Program. These speakers should have a track record of remarkable scientific achievements, experience on an IODP Expedition and been involved in discoveries made as part of IODP. The purpose of this program is to engage students, enhance knowledge and to raise the profile of IODP and marine geoscience more broadly.
  10. Accommodation for the ANZIC Masterclass can consist of multi-shared arrangements. The space must be comfortable and have the required amenities and facilities for interactive group discussions. 
  11. Travel arrangements – all domestic/international flight arrangements are to be arranged either by ANZIC or by the convenor. All flights should be economy class and be directly to and from the location of origin. If any variations of travel are requested, a calculation of the direct route would be determined and the quoted funds would be made available to the participant to complete their own booking. Travel insurance is the responsibility of the participant. 
  12. The duration of the ANZIC Masterclass should be a minimum of five full days and it should be scheduled at a time that would allow involvement from all ANZIC member institutions. 
  13. It would be expected that the invitation to participate in this event is extended to our International IODP partners, in particular to ECORD who provide ANZIC access to their training courses.

Terms & Conditions

The successful host will be required to sign an agreement with Australian National University/ANZIC IODP that formalises terms and conditions associated with funding the ANZIC Masterclass.