ANZIC funds up to AU$40,000* for post-cruise analytical work.

Applications will only be considered if submitted within three months of material being available through the IODP system (aboard ship or at post-cruise sampling party).

Successful applicants should acknowledge funding from the Australian IODP Office in their publications. The application (3 pages maximum, 12 point font) should have the following general format:

  1. Title research proposal for funding
  2. Related IODP leg number and title
  3. Participant’s name, contact details and role on drilling leg
  4. Brief description of project
  5. Shipboard, or Bremen post-cruise, sampling and research plan (including table with timings)
  6. Post-cruise publication intentions (if agreed aboard ship or in Bremen)
  7. Costing for this work tabulated
  8. Justification for post-cruise analytical work
  9. Justification for any other costs
  10. Why the funding cannot be obtained elsewhere

Short progress reports (1 page) are required 6 months and one year after either post-cruise or legacy funding commences.  A final report (3 pages) that summarises research findings, and includes a publication list (published, in press, submitted or planned), is required within 2 years after funding commences. Pro-formas for these reports are available below or alternatively from

The application will be reviewed by the Program Manager and the ANZIC Science Committee, and applicants will be informed of the results promptly. Funds can be provided quickly once a suitable agreement is signed by both parties. Please send your application to

New Zealand-based researchers should contact for information about applying for such funding.

* Subject to inflation and at the discretion of management.

PCAF 6 Month Report Form.pdf

PCAF Acquittal Form.pdf

Expense Reimbursement Form.pdf